Bring out your true self – Zoom Coffee Chat with Mariví de Teresa 15.12.

This is a time of awakening! Bring out your true self!

I give myself to the power that rules my destiny



We have to burn our old stuff. Toltec Recapitulation is a tool to clean our house from the inside. We are living a process of double work: There is the dark side on the outside and on the inside.

Exercise: When you allow yourself to dream a new world in a state of meditation, what do you see?

In former times earth was considered as our mother. But then we have been separated from nature. They told us, that nature was not good for us. All land became property, owned by man. The sun in former times was our father. Now we protect ourselves from the sun. The air in former times was our breath. Now it is contaminated. We have to get rid of our craziness!
In our gatherings we make waves of light, like fleas in the ocean. And we are making waves. I promise you! I will stand for my truth until I die. And for freedom until my last breath. So I invite you to stand for the truth inside of you and on the outside, in the Tonal, as Toltecs call the hologram, that is our everyday reality, the Matrix. We are warriors! This is a time of awakening! As soon as I get hooked by success, then I can’t of true service and help to others anymore.

Exercise: Remember the moments when you were truly happy. For example our magical journeys to Scotland and Mexico…
recall the moments of true happiness and joy. Bring back these moments to the here and now. We need this as food for our spirit. Find the nucleus of all your happy moments. What is this nucleus that is common to all your experiences of bliss?

Homework: Write down your dreams. No matter what they are about. Put a journal next to your bed and as soon as you wake up write anything that comes to your mind. Write whatever comes.

We have entered an unexplored time and space. In this unexplored place we find NEW POSSIBILITIES AND NEW HOPE. There are no limits. We have a new task: To explore the unknown – to go inside, to dream, to meditate. Bring all the joyful moments back to you. We were those who created those moments!
In the Netflix series Sense8 they have a perfect phrase (slightly adapted): „In this unexplored place we find new possibilities and hope in the unknown. This time is the proof, that all our difference and all the forces that are trying to divide us, the only thing they are doing, is to join us even more together.“

Exercise – some special tool when fear comes:
Suddenly, I want you to be aware of how our domesticated our mind works. „oh my god, if I’m going to die here“ This is what immediately comes into your mind. I’m not afraid of dying. I#m afraid of how I am going to die. This is what immediately comes into my mind. What you can do is: „I give up myself to the power that rules my life.“ That’s what can save you from falling into paranoia. Because your mind immediately wants you to put into paranoia, because for before experiences. The flyer mind creates immediately instantly a scenery. Find yourself creating this. A gave up to the power that rules my destiny. Use phrases.

Stop it. because the crazy in the house makes a big deal of something that is not so important. A phrase that moves your attention into another place not into your mind. Into something else. Not into what is happening in your mind. Not allowing the crazy of the house to built up a whole scenery of crazy stuff. immediately bring a phrase that gives you power and comfort. I give up! I don’t have nothing to lose. „Ya me di al power que a mi destiny rige.“
Remember the phrases: „For the spirit to the spirit.“ and
„For your eyes only.“ for whatever you do in your everyday life.
But when fear comes use: „I give up!“ Give up yourself to the spirit. What the hell am I going to loose when I give up myself to the spirit? I have nothing to loose. I give up myself to the power that rules my destiny. That’s the prayer of the warrior. Use it. It’s very powerful!

This is an unexplored time. We can explore whatever we want. We have a new task to explore the unknown. What a wonder! This is the time where there are no limits. I invite you to explore the unknown. To go inside, to dream to meditate to remember the beauty of life. We were the ones who made those beautiful moments, these gatherings together. This enjoying things together and being one in a moment. Share your beautiful dreams.

Our ego is getting weaker. It’s like what do I defend now? „My opinion“? The ego these days is like falling asleep. Let’s take advantage of our sleeping ego for a while. Take advantage till it awakens again. Let’s dream beautiful things, something joyful and happy. Most of the people are depressed. Wherever you go bring your beautiful moments with you and share.

We are all teachers and we are all students. In a moment when you share your self with us we learn from you. It’s an act of generosity. Thank you to our teachers who share something with us. We are a bunch of people that are helping each other. So please share your own experience.

We know that we have to be stalkers. Thats for sure. We know that now is the time for stalkers. We live in a world where we do not belong to the world. My warriors, stalkers, are you ready for the adventure?

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She has been in the world of spirituality since she was 14. At that time she was invited as a channel medium in spiritual circles in Mexico City. In the course of time she gained a lot of experience in various areas of personality development, such as transpersonal psychology, mystical Christianity, with Elisabeth Kübler Ross and Stanislav Grov. But her whole life changed significantly when she met her so-called “benefactor”, the nagual Carlos Castaneda, where she stayed in the innermost circle of sorcerers from that point on, which we also know from the descriptions of the Know people in Carlos Castaneda’s world best sellers. Their path is a path of freedom, just as the millennia-old Toltec wisdom teaches us an option of freedom.

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