Be the change you want to see in the world.

Mariví de Teresa – Achichincle of Carlos Castaneda: Access to your intuition and to the supra consciousness / Zoom seminar 30.4.-2.5.

Be the change you want to see in the world.
The attitude of a warrior of consciousness in a world of change

Now is the time, more than ever, when the outer world is drastically changing and the pillars of our concept of life are shaking, to be profoundly centered in our inner world, this source of power, that also is the ground of our intuition. This inner compass may guide you through challenging times and give you orientation and trust in yourself. By cleaning and reconnecting our access to the supra consciousness, that is the fountain of all life we feel strengthened and guided through the jungle of the unknown. It’s time to gain your power back and be the magical being who you always have been. It’s your birthright to bring your light into the world, feel the oneness with spirit and every living being on the wonderful planet. By changing ourselves we can change the world. We are no isolated beings. All together, by supporting and learning from each other, we transform our inner world and by this we become the energetic mass to create a more human, more balanced and more harmonious world. The ego is the greatest enemy on any path of transformation and freedom.

In this seminar Mariví shares with us her most powerful tools and her knowledge from more than 40 years (since she was 14 years old) of experience on her path of consciousness. We need to share and apply all of our most efficient methods for human development from all ancient cultures, use them on a daily basis and clean our inner house to become free from the programs of the mind that have been enslaving us through our whole life. Are you ready to transform yourself and get with us in this adventure of navigating freely in the sea of consciousness?


ZOOM SEMINAR 30.4.-2.5. / 19:00-21:00 PM (CET)

participation via Zoom / € 150,-

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NOTE: If you are not ready to learn really sincerely from others and that others might learn from you, our gatherings and workshops are not for you.


“Life is full of mystery and we are on a journey to the unknown.

We don’t know… Yet we have to be prepared to go. Be open to receive what we have to do. Walking together. Cooperate. Help each other. Intuition. Be united for the NEW SUN.”
(Mariví de Teresa, 16.11.2020)


Since more than 40 years Mariví has been sharing with us her wisdom from different traditions, such as the ancient Toltec knowledge, of Carlos Castaneda.

Since more than 30 years Mariví has been sharing with us her wisdom from different traditions, the Christian mysticism, the Sufism, the Transpersonal Psychology and the ancient knowledge of the Toltecs from Mexico (which she got passed on directly from the Nagual Carlos Castaneda, Florinda Donner Grau, Taisha Abelar and Carol Tiggs.

She had further teachers like Stanislav Grof, and Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. Mariví is founder of the NGO Las Beguinas (in the spirit of Hildegard von Bingen), an international network, that is dedicated to the appreciation of the role of women in all areas of life and which helps women in difficult situations of life. The vision of Las Beguinas is, to achieve, that more and more women live self-sufficient and free. Mariví gives workshops in Europe, USA and Latin America.


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