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Mariví is founder of the NGO Las Beguinas (in the spirit of Hildegard von Bingen), an international network, that is dedicated to the appreciation of the role of women in all areas of life .
Mariví de Teresa: Since more than 30 years Mariví has been sharing with us her wisdom from different traditions, such as the ancient Toltec knowledge, of Carlos Castaneda.

Since more than 30 years Mariví has been sharing with us her wisdom from different traditions, such as the ancient Toltec knowledge, of Carlos Castaneda.
Since more than 30 years Mariví has been sharing with us her wisdom from different traditions, the Christian mysticism, the Sufism, the Transpersonal Psychology and the ancient knowledge of the Toltecs from Mexico (which she got passed on directly from the Nagual Carlos Castaneda, Florinda Donner Grau, Taisha Abelar and Carol Tiggs.
She had further teachers like Stanislav Grof, and Elisabeth Kübler-Ross.
Mariví is founder of the NGO Las Beguinas (in the spirit of Hildegard von Bingen), an international network, that is dedicated to the appreciation of the role of women in all areas of life and which helps women in difficult situations of life. The vision of Las Beguinas is, to achieve, that more and more women live self-sufficient and free. Mariví gives workshops in Europe, USA and Latin America.
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We were talking a lot about the spirit in our daily life. The worries of our daily life stop us from seeing the spirit. We are so busy always, trying to survive in a world so much unbalanced, that we forget our real connection, what we are here for. The only thing that dignifies human beings is to polish your bond with the spirit. The problem is that we have intruders in this matter. The intruders in this matter are religions, philosophies, beliefs. Also, beliefs, that there is only one, who is illuminated. Only one, who is the one who knows. Only one who has the wisdom. Only one who has connection with the gods. This has been so since millennials. And the problem is that we forget how to get in touch directly with the force. And we are so busy watching ourselves, and watching our own needs and defending our self-image, that we forgot how to see, how to feel, how to be in touch with that force that is calling us. In order for us to pay attention to “it”, to what is there.

Through all these ages there has always been someone who was telling us, that only he – because this is a patriarchal stuff, that he is connected to the gods (ancient Egypt the pharaohs; other cultures). They claim, that they are the only ones who are connected to divinity. Now it’s over! Its time for humanity to be connected to that force and to pay attention to the force that is calling us, 24 hours a day. It’s important to be aware of very small signs in our life. We have been talking also about the sun, that is doing strange things with humanity. Very strange changes in the sun. I asked you to research and find out and feel if it was right. The theory is, that the DNA of the human beings should be awakened, or modified. But not through this selfish media, that wants us to be sheep forever.

The whole universe is trying to do a confabulation, is gathering together to help the species. Only the human beings because, they are aware of that the other species are not killing each other, they don’t take advantage of each other, they don’t destroy forests, they don’t destroy nature. We are the ones who do this stupid stuff. So, this means that we are not connected to the force, to the real source. I don’t want to name it, because then people will take this as an excuse to build their own new church. Their own new thoughts, that will bring us exactly to the past we are trying to get rid of. Now it’s time for mankind. It’s time for us to awake. Now it’s time for us to be area of the calling of the spirit. Observe the small signs of the spirit in your daily life that something is happening. There are already signs that we are doing something. Something is happening. That our energetic work is touching something. We are making energetic waves. The spirit is kind of confirming to us, that our waves are there. Our waves are placed in the universe somewhere. And they will jump and do something on the earth.

You all might know the Rupert Sheldrake theory about the morpho genetic camps. When you make an action, when do something here it goes up to somewhere what Jakobo Greenberg used to call “the alatis” like a closed universe we are living into, it goes up and then it comes down again and then it spreads. Please do a little research on morpho genetic camps. It’s like throwing a stone in a lake. And these waves that spread, are becoming bigger and bigger and then these waves will touch something. What I was asking you is to be aware of the call of the spirit. Now it’s not time for a single human being or a group of cosmic chickens to fly away from this reality, through dreaming or through opening up new doors. Maybe we can do that. Someday we will try. And open a door to a new reality.

This is the time for us to fight for the species. To fight for us. We have been living for a very long time as slaves. And if we don’t pay attention to the calls of the spirit, to the little small things, that are kind of confirming, that our work is doing something, that our energetic work is moving something, that something is jumping out. What can be seen now is that people around the world are very much aware about the black energy that is moving around the world. We are very much aware that all the governments around the world, all the energy that is taking over, they are doing things we don’t want them to do. We do not agree with them. More and more human beings are awakening. They are trying to really be aware of what we are accomplices of. This what I told you the last time. Don’t shut your mouth. Open your mouth and say no to things we don’t want anymore. While we are in our houses, those people are doing whatever they want outside. We don’t know what we are going to see when we finish this stuff. I cannot call it more than “as stuff” of killing the majority of the population. Maybe they haven’t killed enough people in order to accomplish their diabolic plans. I don’t care. What I care for, now, for us, warriors of light, that are living in a very special moment, we are here in a historic moment that hasn’t happened in a very long time.

Now we are aware of that energy is a powerful stuff. In ancient time the only things that were available to people were religions, totally selfish, egomaniacs, horrible people that were trying to make people slaves. They did this and are trying to do this through fear. We have been living through fear and beliefs that do not belong to us. We don’t need beliefs. What we need is action and what we need is to be connected directly to the force. We are special magical humans, that can be perfectly connected to that force. If we think that there is not a force in the universe that is bigger than us, then we are like any other people. I don’t want you to fall into beliefs. I want you to fall in to your own experiencing, living, the connection with the spirit. Allow the spirit to talk to you, through your inner silence. Go through your heart. I told you that this was the time of the heart. It’s not so difficult to go to your heart and ask your heart for things that really matter.

There are a lot of things going on outside. The forces that are against human spirit are getting totally crazy, because more and more people are awakening. There are people completely inside this black agenda promoting and offering us through influencers and Hollywood stars to bring our energy to them. The belong to this black agenda. A few of them opened the door and told the truth about this hidden agenda. And they were thrown out from the party, from the group, because they opened their mouth and said what they saw and especially what they knew. So I am a little bit cautious to bring my energy pushing us to become free, and human species to become free, I would be a little cautious to fall into that. Maybe it was a little late when I said that and we did that, making waves, inside the meditation. I don’t feel so, that there are very good intentions in what they are doing. This is the feeling of my heart. And when my heart says be aware, I pay attention.

When my heart says “open up and go”, then I go. This is the way you are connected to the spirit. When you hear, we call it intuition, I wouldn’t call it like that, there are many ways. But you know for sure, when you heart tells you this is right and this is wrong. If you mess it up with your head and you start thinking, intellectualizing, all the things that you are feeling with your heat and with your whole energy body, disappear. You whole energy body knows everything. But we are not connected to our energy body. We are connected to a fixed assemblage point. And what we are trying to do is to move from that place.

If the Nagual Carlos Castaneda really moved the assemblage point of the earth, we were talking about this once, when we were together. What huge task for a nagual, the last nagual of times, the nagual of times come every thousand years. It was a huge task for him. Either he jumped to the third attention with his group, or he moves the assemblage point of the earth. Now the groups are over. Now it’s time for unity. We are one big, amazing, extraordinary family. One, only one!

The groups that existed in former times, they existed because they were pursued. There was a prosecution of these groups. So the groups had to hide in different places, all through ages, they had to hide themselves and to hide knowledge. Even the celtic people were killed and destroyed, because they didn’t believe what other people wanted them to believe. This is why the groups gathered together: In order to survive. Now it’s over. Now it’s open. You can think the way you want to think. You can choose what to believe. As soon as you choose in what you want to believe then be honest with your believes, ok? Be honest with your believes. You don’t have to believe anything what other people tell you.

You have direct connection to the force, direct connection to the spirit, to the center of everything. We did a meditation about the heart of the earth, our heart and the heart of the sky. And these hearts together as one. So be aware of the call of the spirit. The signs may come in a very naïve way. Like watching something on TV suddenly a sign comes out. If you are aware you can catch it. But if you are not aware you just watch a scene on TV. If you are watching TV watch it with consciousness.

Be able to see what the spirit is telling you.


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